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We know a wonderful life starts with a great night's sleep, because in our family, it's a dream we've been building for 25,000 nights.
At Milton Sleep Company, we’ve seen trends and technology come and go, and we’ve made thousands and thousands of mattresses for name brands like Serta.

We think mattress buying has become too complicated, so we made it our mission to provide maximum comfort and durability for our customers as simply and easily as possible.

Those 25,000 nights of experience have taught us what it takes to build a long-lasting mattress that is the right kind of comfortable for you. And it also taught us what a quality mattress doesn’t need — no gimmicks and no retail markup.

We use cooling layers, recyclable materials, and a variety of firmnesses that are designed for the way you sleep, the position you sleep in, and the comfort you seek for your best night's sleep.

We're not new to building great mattresses, we're just new to the internet.


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Milton Essential CoolGel 1.0 Mattress
Milton PUREAir Coolgel 2.0 Mattress
Milton Comforluxe Refresh 3.0 Mattress