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Your new pieces of furniture are important to us, that's why it deserves to be protected. With Rustics For Less's shipping insurance, your purchase will be protected in full value in case the items are damaged during shipping process.

Benefits of shipping insurance.

  • No deductible
  • No extra cost
  • Covers concealed damages* properly reported within 48 hours from delivery (pictures of damaged items required)
  • Items are protected from losses caused by Acts of God or natural disasters

Notorious Damage:

When receiving your merchandise from the shipping company, if you see damages on the product as soon as they unloaded, take pictures and decline the product from the shipping company. Make sure you specify with the shipping company that the product is damaged and the reason of why you are declining it. 

*Concealed Damage:

If you find damage when you are unpacking your items after receiving them from the shipping company, please contact us as soon as possible with pictures of the damaged product at This is needed so we can file the claim with the shipping company and send you a new replacement product. In case you do not take pictures of damaged packing and product we will not be able to file the claim. The insurance company needs evidence of the damages to complete the claim.



Rustics For Less shipping insurance only covers damages created on the items during the shipping process. Shipping insurance does not cover any delays from the shipping company on the delivery date. Local Deliveries are not covered by the insurance.

Rustics For Less shipping insurance makes available through third-party insurers.